Comedy Skit from the Anna Copa Cabanna Variety Show: Al Pacino

Director / Editor: Mike Debbie

Muscial Skit from the Anna Copa Cabanna Variety Show: You Bug Me Like a Moth

Director / Editor: Mike Debbie

Short Film  

Director / Editor / Sound: Mike Debbie 

Industrial Short Film for Ryzart Custom Paint. 


Network Promo

Director: Jon Kane

Editor: Mike Debbie

Promo for BBC America's new show "Would You Rather with Graham Norton."


Director: Grier Dill

DP: Mike Debbie

Editor: Jon Kane

OMD Global Holiday E-Card

Short Film / Music Video

Writer / Director / Editor / Sound: Mike Debbie

"Subject Smiley" began as a music video concept for the metal band "Chambers" and ended up what I'm coining as a Dupstep Opera.   

A genius weapons engineer becomes a prisoner trapped in his own most deadly design. 

Filmed By: Trish Govoni, Mike Debbie

Editor: Mike Debbie

Short film for Arts Brookfield #SetArtFree campaign

Behind The Scenes  

Director: Chris Besecker

Editor: Mike Debbie

Behind the Scenes film for Cointreau campaign starring Dita Von Tesse


Discovery Network Sizzle 

Editor: Mike Debbie 

Remix by Jon Kane

Sales film for The Discovery Channel's new network "Destination Discovery."